2016-09-08-13-25-20Before I went to London at the end of June, I placed my second order at MMA Apparel for some more Roots of Fight clothing. Going along with the theme of my first order, I decided to go for some more Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay merchandise.

The first item was the Cassius Clay canvas jacket, which in itself feels absolutely divine. The material is just heavy enough for it to be considered my every day coat during autumn and winter time. The colour combination is right up my street (who doesn’t love black and red together?) and although the price is high, it’s well worth it for the quality and fit.

But my favourite purchase that I made was for the summer time… The Muhammed Ali G.O.A.T. vest. Oh, the material of this… I can’t stop touching it! It’s one of the softest vests I own to date and it’s made me want more. The length of it is perfect for my petite frame – short body, long legs! – and the pricing of this is spot on. Although it feels much more expensive in my eyes. On myself, it has drop-hole sides which looks amazing with a bright coloured bra or bandeau underneath. I’ve paired it with my Victoria Secret pink bra which always comes out when the sun does!

If you’re a lover of the fighting legends, then head on over and have a look for yourself! The team behind MMA Apparel are absolutely lovely and are on hand to answer any queries you may have.


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