Enjoy the silence.

I visited a new tattoo studio (for me, anyway!) in Tamworth yesterday. Nala Tattoo and Piercing have been around in Tamworth for many, many years, and it’s taken me 5 years of being tattooed to finally go there.

I was tattooed by Harriet, whom of which I actually went to high school with. I reached out to her because I wanted some simple script, and I’ve been impressed with her line work since she first started tattooing two and half years ago. Toying with the idea to get either the actual song title from the work of Depeche Mode, or one of the lyrics from the aforementioned song was a hard choice to make. In the end, I finally rested upon the song title seeing as the song itself has so much meaning to me.

The tattoo studio itself was immaculate with hand washing sinks on every work station, the client area was separate from the tattooing and so was the piercing chair. It’s an easy going vibe in the studio which is something I enjoy. I’ve been in studios before where I have felt ‘unworthy’ of being in due to me not being completely covered in tattoos, and/or not being tattooed by a certain artist.

Less than 40 minutes into my appointment, Hattie was done with the tattoo and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve told her I’ll have to come back and get some more work done by her. It was nice to talk to someone I knew from school and haven’t seen since and be tattooed by someone who won’t bitch about me behind my back… because words are so unnecessary, they can only do harm.


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