Roots of Fight

Float like a butterfly… Sting like a bee.

My love for Muhammad Ali was bittersweet.

My ex boyfriend was a boxing fiend; he boxed for a hobby, he had matches every 3 months, he also shoved Ali quotes down my throat whenever he could. I was dragged to the fights. I had to witness the person I cared for getting beat up. My love for boxing died that very night.

It’s been nearly a year since we parted ways, and from there I’ve been rekindling my love for boxing and most importantly, for Ali. The guy was the greatest there ever was in the ring. A kind and fortunate man outside the squared circle. And his most infamous quote has stuck with me through the tough times I’ve gone through especially recently.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago where I found Roots of Fight stocked at MMA Apparel UK. The Muhammad Ali hoodie out stood the most to my eyes. The mustard yellow colour, the bold, black writing… Winner. Retailing at £69.99, it’s possibly the most expensive hoodie I have bought. And I want more!

The inside is the softest material you will ever lay your hands on. The quality of the logo screening is absolutely divine. Best of all? It’s the greatest.

If you see a young, dark haired female in the Midlands walking around in this hoodie, don’t be shy to say hello, regardless of what the back says.


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