Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Never in my life did I think I’d see someone Myspace famous – back in 2005 – become so influential in the beauty industry like Jeffree Star. He was the idol for all the up and coming ‘scene kids’ and had flawless make up. Everyone wondered how he did… Well, I did anyway!

Fast forward to ten years later, and he’s back! A cosmetic line that started off with only three liquid lipsticks in a royal purple, neutral red and an out there pink… Who knew that launch would slay the make up world?

I jumped onto the bandwagon a bit late. Only to be expected when you live in the UK and have to wait for cosmetic companies to stock the brand! But I recently found out that Cocktail Cosmetics is a bus journey away from me – so that’s where I now head for my hit of the Star goodness.

Jeffrey Star’s recently launched Skin Frosts have been sending the make up obsessed world insane… And I can see why! They are buttery to the touch, go on the skin so smoothly and more importantly, make you glow from the high heavens with such a small amount of product loaded onto your brush. They are seriously a match made with the angels. And damn, is he a highlighted make up creature?!

If you’ve been staying away from Jeffree Star Cosmetics – for whatever reason! – they I suggest you give them a go. They’re so well priced, the quality is fantastic and he’s a real sweetheart to boot.

Get steppin’!


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