2016-09-08-13-25-20Before I went to London at the end of June, I placed my second order at MMA Apparel for some more Roots of Fight clothing. Going along with the theme of my first order, I decided to go for some more Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay merchandise.

The first item was the Cassius Clay canvas jacket, which in itself feels absolutely divine. The material is just heavy enough for it to be considered my every day coat during autumn and winter time. The colour combination is right up my street (who doesn’t love black and red together?) and although the price is high, it’s well worth it for the quality and fit.

But my favourite purchase that I made was for the summer time… The Muhammed Ali G.O.A.T. vest. Oh, the material of this… I can’t stop touching it! It’s one of the softest vests I own to date and it’s made me want more. The length of it is perfect for my petite frame – short body, long legs! – and the pricing of this is spot on. Although it feels much more expensive in my eyes. On myself, it has drop-hole sides which looks amazing with a bright coloured bra or bandeau underneath. I’ve paired it with my Victoria Secret pink bra which always comes out when the sun does!

If you’re a lover of the fighting legends, then head on over and have a look for yourself! The team behind MMA Apparel are absolutely lovely and are on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Enjoy the silence.

I visited a new tattoo studio (for me, anyway!) in Tamworth yesterday. Nala Tattoo and Piercing have been around in Tamworth for many, many years, and it’s taken me 5 years of being tattooed to finally go there.

I was tattooed by Harriet, whom of which I actually went to high school with. I reached out to her because I wanted some simple script, and I’ve been impressed with her line work since she first started tattooing two and half years ago. Toying with the idea to get either the actual song title from the work of Depeche Mode, or one of the lyrics from the aforementioned song was a hard choice to make. In the end, I finally rested upon the song title seeing as the song itself has so much meaning to me.

The tattoo studio itself was immaculate with hand washing sinks on every work station, the client area was separate from the tattooing and so was the piercing chair. It’s an easy going vibe in the studio which is something I enjoy. I’ve been in studios before where I have felt ‘unworthy’ of being in due to me not being completely covered in tattoos, and/or not being tattooed by a certain artist.

Less than 40 minutes into my appointment, Hattie was done with the tattoo and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve told her I’ll have to come back and get some more work done by her. It was nice to talk to someone I knew from school and haven’t seen since and be tattooed by someone who won’t bitch about me behind my back… because words are so unnecessary, they can only do harm.

This is a haunted house.

So, it’s that time of year again when people move out of their family home, embark on a fresh new start at university with people they’ve never met before or their friends from halls of residence.

I did that last year. I had my room all packed up into boxes, never able to find any nice underwear and digging through a battered suitcase for my favourite lipstick. Typical. I was ready to start my second year with three people I considered friends, my life was going so well at the time. Finances in check, moving plans were all sorted out and I wanted my own independence back!

Fast forward a few weeks, maybe two months, and all hell broke loose. Someone who I had defended to an inch of my life and considered a best friend had hit their maximum overdraft in their bank account. No job, no help, etc. Things got sticky… Borrowing money from their other half, etc. I truly felt sorry for them. I’d pop into the town centre, see something that would cheer them up and present it to them later on in the day; offer to pick food up for them whenever I was in the shop, or in McDonalds, etc… Heck, even my mum wanted me to give them money for food shopping! Then I’d see things coming in the mail… addressed to them. How could they afford this? Needless to say, I got fed up and so did the other two housemates. I officially called it quits with this housemate, ignoring text messages, etc. I didn’t want to hear about constant money problems when they didn’t go and get a job whilst I was at uni all week and at work all weekend… Bitching about supposedly ‘best friends’ to others didn’t sit well with me either.

Not only did that happen, but people were lazy with cleaning up after themselves. There came a point where me and my boyfriend had to take out the recycling, the trash and wash up all the pots, pans and plates…

You think living with your closest friends will be the best thing ever… Give it a few weeks, maybe months, and you may regret your own decision and that tenancy was the worst thing you’ve done yet.

Happy living!


It’s not all fun and games.

I’ve spent the past three months working my bum off in a part time – well, not so much part time at the moment! – job while I’m home from university. It’s coming to the end of my time off and I’m trying to cram in as much work as possible before I leave my family home to become independent in my little flat. Whilst I have managed to buy myself some expensive toys – read: iPad Pro which wasn’t necessary, per se, but I wanted it! – it has also kept me out of an overdraft and pay off my summer rent without an issue. Bonus. However it has made me depart from this little side of social media. My Instagram account has become very active, alongside my Twitter too.

Rest assure my pretties, I’ll be back with a vengeance.


Welcome to the public documentation of a young woman’s journey through life. Currently studying a law degree in the East Midlands, it’s incredibly difficult to seek solace in travelling and buying herself the fancier things in life. She prides herself on being a bargain hunter; a genuine human being and not one to sugar coat things.

With her mild addiction to coffee – not quite an addiction per se, she just enjoys a strong cup of coffee – she’s up at all times of the day with her being the most energetic towards the end of the night.

You can find her on Instagram, on Twitter, or hunched over a keyboard pouring her heart out onto a blank Word document.

This here is her place to document her findings, her buys and her travels… Welcome to wonderland.

Roots of Fight

Float like a butterfly… Sting like a bee.

My love for Muhammad Ali was bittersweet.

My ex boyfriend was a boxing fiend; he boxed for a hobby, he had matches every 3 months, he also shoved Ali quotes down my throat whenever he could. I was dragged to the fights. I had to witness the person I cared for getting beat up. My love for boxing died that very night.

It’s been nearly a year since we parted ways, and from there I’ve been rekindling my love for boxing and most importantly, for Ali. The guy was the greatest there ever was in the ring. A kind and fortunate man outside the squared circle. And his most infamous quote has stuck with me through the tough times I’ve gone through especially recently.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago where I found Roots of Fight stocked at MMA Apparel UK. The Muhammad Ali hoodie out stood the most to my eyes. The mustard yellow colour, the bold, black writing… Winner. Retailing at £69.99, it’s possibly the most expensive hoodie I have bought. And I want more!

The inside is the softest material you will ever lay your hands on. The quality of the logo screening is absolutely divine. Best of all? It’s the greatest.

If you see a young, dark haired female in the Midlands walking around in this hoodie, don’t be shy to say hello, regardless of what the back says.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Never in my life did I think I’d see someone Myspace famous – back in 2005 – become so influential in the beauty industry like Jeffree Star. He was the idol for all the up and coming ‘scene kids’ and had flawless make up. Everyone wondered how he did… Well, I did anyway!

Fast forward to ten years later, and he’s back! A cosmetic line that started off with only three liquid lipsticks in a royal purple, neutral red and an out there pink… Who knew that launch would slay the make up world?

I jumped onto the bandwagon a bit late. Only to be expected when you live in the UK and have to wait for cosmetic companies to stock the brand! But I recently found out that Cocktail Cosmetics is a bus journey away from me – so that’s where I now head for my hit of the Star goodness.

Jeffrey Star’s recently launched Skin Frosts have been sending the make up obsessed world insane… And I can see why! They are buttery to the touch, go on the skin so smoothly and more importantly, make you glow from the high heavens with such a small amount of product loaded onto your brush. They are seriously a match made with the angels. And damn, is he a highlighted make up creature?!

If you’ve been staying away from Jeffree Star Cosmetics – for whatever reason! – they I suggest you give them a go. They’re so well priced, the quality is fantastic and he’s a real sweetheart to boot.

Get steppin’!